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 Excellent enrollment opportunity for full or part-time piano tuning education.
 Do you want to go to work freely and have high income? A thousand acres of good land is not as good as a skill.
 When tired of office workers? Retired civil servants want to open up their second career?
 Foreign students can work part-time, the world is popular, when the piano tuner is not bad!
1. The Daya Music Center promotes music, and there are no piano tuner classes in domestic universities and colleges,
Specialized professional teachers teach piano tuning training courses, including faculty professors,
Listening level training test, actual tuning test and appraisal, etc., and provide intensive training courses for students in the south central region,
The center’s teacher Fu said that it costs a hundred dollars to adjust a piano in the United States,
While Japan needs 10,000 yen (about NT$3,000), it also costs 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan in China,
After the completion of the course, the company has counseling and employment. Not only can it be used in China, but it is also a good job for part-time job when going abroad.
2. Piano students and teachers, do you want to improve your piano skills? You can adjust the touch of the piano at any time. Strength. Voice. Pitch,
Keep your piano at its best and play the best music at any time.

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   已可超越日本,美國第一級國家標準,(JIS ANS)一百倍以上


   鋼琴調音師訓練班1.5個月18000 元
   鋼琴調音修理專業班6個月80000 元


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